Freight elevators are designed to move materials within a building and carry goods. Theyare built to carry heavier loads and withstand tougher working conditions. We are the leaders of the industry in exporting and supplying high quality freight elevator. Freight lifts are extensively used in order to shift loads in industrial arena. Weve installed freight elevators in warehouses, shopping centres, industrial plants, parking garages, truck loading areas. They are also ideal for industrial spaces, retail stores, restaurants, veterinary clinics, etc. Freight lift is designed specially to transport material between levels of commercial buildings or homes. Freight elevators are typically larger and capable of carrying heavier loads. These elevators are designed in accordance with standard industrial norms. Wit years of experience and knowledge in this domain, we are offering an exclusive variety of high freight lift. The freight lift that we supply is fabricated in a spacious manner that enables to carry proper load. Freight elevators have manually operated doors normally, and often have rough interior finishes to prevent damage while loading and unloading material in the cabin. The lifts we supply have all the basic functionality and impressive make. The exterior and interior design is outstanding in terms of quality and structure. Because of the roviding premier quality range of freight elevator. We help you solve the complex and costly transportation requirements with simple, flexible, durable, cost-effective products. The freight lift products and services we provide are appreciated and valued for their durability and performance


  • Spacious
  •  Rust proof and abrasion resistant
  • Optimum strength
  • Digital car position indicator at all floors and v3f drive for energy conservation.
  • Automatic / manual doors

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